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                               BNF Module README


  The t-bnf module implements a way to easily write BNF grammars in CONTEXT.
  Let's look at an example BNF grammar in a document:


  Here's a \BNF\ grammar.  Enjoy. 

    {A test of the \BNF\ module}
      <S>: a<S>b
      <S>: $\epsilon$

  Which will match the language $L = \{\,a^nb^n \mid n \geq 0\,\}$.


  You may try to generate module documenation embedded in t-bnf.tex with texexec
  as well:

  % texexec --interface=en --module --pdf t-bnf.tex

  If you have any issues with creating the documentation this may be a result
  of lacking the proper language format.  You can look up the proper
  information for generating these formats in minstall.pdf at PRAGMA-ADEs site