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Enumitem 3.5.2

A package to customize the three basic lists (enumerate,
itemize and description) by means of a set of parameters,
and to clone them to define new "logical" lists.
It provides most of the flexibility you may want to
design your own lists:
- fancy labels and fancy refs,
- leftmargin, labelsep and labelwidth automatically set,
- changes applied globally or only in one of the three
  types or even in a single list (including topsep) by
  means of a sort of "inheritance",
- inline lists,
- several description styles (which fix some bad
  spacing, too),
- starting value and counter resuming,
- trivlists properly formatted,
- control on page breaking,
- gathering of lists to be treated like a unit.

Recent changes (3.0)

1) Inline lists, with keys to set how items are joined (ie, the
punctuation between items).  Two modes are provided: `boxed' an
`unboxed' -- with the former (the default) a different punctuation
before the last item is allowed.
2) \setlist is calc-savvy (eg, for use in loops), and you can set
diferent lists and levels at once.
3) All lengths related to labels can take the value * (and not only
labelsep and leftmargin).  Its behaviour has been made consistent and
there is new value !  which does not compute the widest label.
4) With \restartlist{list-name}, list counters can be restarted (in
case you are using `resume').
5) `resume*' can be combined with other keys.
6) Lists can be gathered globally using series, so that they are
considered a single list.  To start a series just use
series=<series-name> and then resume it with resume=<series-name> or
7) The ``experimental'' fullwidth has been replaced by a new key
8) \SetLabelAlign defines new align values.
9) You can define ``abstract'' values (eg, label=numeric) and
new keys.

Bug fixes (3.0)

- Star values (eg, leftmargin=*) could not be overriden
and new values were ignored.
- nolistsep as the first of several keys was not always
recognized and therefore treated like a short label
(ie, nol\roman*stsep).
- labelwidth didn't always work (when there was a prior
`widest' and *)
- With align=right the label and the following text could
- description didn't get the correct list level.
- At some point (2.x?) \value* stopped working.

- Fixed incompatibility with xkeyval

- start and widest* are calc-savvy.
- \value can be used with widest*
- Some internal restrictions in \arabic and the like has been removed.
It is more flexible at the cost of having a more ``relaxed'' error

- Using *-values with itemize and description didn't work.

- New key nosep, replacing nolistsep, which didn't work as
- Fixed spacing in inline boxed lists.
- Fixed (hopefully) the bug with noitemsep and shorlabels.

- Fixed the fix related to inline lists (spacefactor).
- Fixed some problems in nested boxed inline lists.
(- And sub-sub-versions are introduced.)

- resume* only worked once, and subsequent ones
behaved like resume.

- \setlist* didn't work.

Javier Bezos                    |