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Other systems’ TeX availability

For PCs, running MSDOS or OS/2, EmTeX (by Eberhard Mattes) offers LaTeX, BibTeX, previewers, and drivers. It is available as a series of zip archives, with documentation in both German and English. Appropriate memory managers for using emTeX with 386 (and better) processors and under pre-’9x Windows, are included in the distribution. (EmTeX can be made to operate under Windows, but even back when it was “current”, such use wasn’t very actively encouraged.)

A version of emTeX, packaged to use a TDS directory structure, is separately available as an emTeX ‘contribution’. Note that neither emTeX itself, nor emTeX-TDS, is maintained. Users of Microsoft operating systems, who want an up-to-date (La)TeX system, need Win32-based systems.

For PCs, running MSDOS, a further option is a port of the Web2C 7.0 implementation, using the GNU djgpp compiler. While this package is more recent than emTeX, it nevertheless also offers a rather old instance of (La)TeX.

For PCs running OS/2, users also have the option of the free version of the commercial VTeX, which specialises in direct production of PDF from (La)TeX input. (This version is, like the Linux version, unfortunately no longer supported.)

For VAX systems running OpenVMS, a TeX distribution is available CTAN, but is almost certainly not the latest (it is more than 10 years old). Whether a version is even available for current VMS (which typically runs on Intel 64-bit processors) is not clear, but it seems unlikely.

For the Atari ST and TT, CS-TeX is available from CTAN; it’s offered as a set of ZOO archives.

Amiga users have the option of a full implementations of TeX 3.1 (PasTeX) and Metafont 2.7.

It’s less likely that hobbyists would be running TOPS-20 machines, but since TeX was originally written on a DEC-10 under WAITS, the TOPS-20 port is another near approach to Knuth’s original environment. Sources are available by anonymous ftp from ftp://ftp.math.utah.edu/pub/tex/pub/web

Atari TeX
systems/atari/cs-tex; catalogue entry
systems/msdos/djgpp (or browse the directory)
systems/msdos/emtex (or browse the directory)
obsolete/systems/os2/emtex-contrib/emtexTDS (or browse the directory)
systems/amiga (or browse the directory)
vtex for Linux
systems/vtex/linux (or browse the directory); catalogue entry
vtex for OS/2
systems/vtex/os2 (or browse the directory); catalogue entry
vtex required common files
systems/vtex/common (or browse the directory)

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