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            (graphical interface for BibTeX program)
	     by Holger Martin, Peter Urban, Armin Liebl

What "bibview" is:

    The program "bibview" is a graphical interface for manipulating
    BibTeX databases. It supports the user in making new entries,
    searching for entries and moving entries from one BiB to another.
    It is possible to work with more than one BiB simultaneously. 
    bibview is implemented with Xt and Athena Widgets.
    There are six types of windows in bibview:
    The main window contains menus for customizing bibview and
    for working with BiBs on the file level.
    The bibliography window (one for every open BiB) contains commands
    for manipulating the BiB.
    The list window (at most one for every open BiB) shows a list of
    entries. It displays the fields author, title, type and year.
    The card window (at most one for every entry) helps editing an entry. 
    It contains boxes for each field of the entry (according to the type).
    The fields can be edited by putting the mouse cursor into the field.
    Macros in fields and the symbol for concatenation ('#') are marked
    with a preceding '@'.

Questions, comments, hacked source code: 
Armin Liebl