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lookbibtex release 1.43

To install lookbibtex and bibdestringify, adjust the Makefile
to any local peculiarities and type "make install".

Lookbibtex is released under the GNU Public License, Version 1 (Feb 89).
A copy of the GPL should be included with your Perl distribution.

Release 1.1 (28-Nov-90) fixes three problems of release 1.0.  End
right curley brackets not in the first column were missed in 1.0.
Umlauts and multi-line fields with curley brackets are now handled

Release 1.2 (17-Jan-91) includes bibdestringify, a tool for replacing all
strings in a bibtex file.  To support this, it adds the -s option
to lookbibtex.

The speed in previous versions of bibdestringify was absymal.  This
release, release 1.3 (26-Aug-91) fixes this with an order of mangitude
speed improvement.  Documentation for both programs is also slightly
improved.  Notice that the -k flag to lookbibtex has been renamed to -f.

Release 1.31 (27-Aug-91) fixes a couple of minor bugs.  The @string
pattern in bibdestringify is made a little more general (to allow c++,
for example) [from Vick Khera <>], and a bug in the
lookbibtex man page is fixed [from (David Wald)].

Release 1.32 (28-Aug-91) fixes the usage string in lookbibtex
and improves the installation part of the makefile, both at 
the suggestion of Henk P. Penning <>.

Release 1.4 (5-Sep-91) changes the order of the arguments to resemble grep(1).
At the suggestion of Tim Wilson <>,
when no bibtex file is specified, all files in your BIBINPUTS path
are selected.  Makefile now automatically sets perl script paths.

Release 1.41 (11-Sep-91) Makes the bibdestringify matching a little more
general, and fixes a bug in the makefile.

Release 1.42 (29-Jan-92) Fixes a bug in handling of mixed-case @string's
in lookbibtex at the suggestion of Dana Jacobsen <>.

Release 1.43 (7-May-92)  Added ftp site to README document.

Perl is the very pratical extraction and report language from Larry
Wall.  It may be obtained by anonymous ftp from in pub/perl.4.0, or by e-mail to Larry Wall

Lookbibtex is available by anonymous ftp from in

Any comments are welcome.

   -John Heidemann
    29 January 1992