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  EndNote2bib [-h|-q]
  dosToTex [-1|-u|-h]

i) r2bib and EndNote2bib convert refer and EndNote bibliography lists
into the BibTeX format, respectively.

ii) An auxiliary filter program dosToTex, also written in C, is included to ease the
transition from PC/Windows 8-bit character representation (which presumably was
the standard in the EndNote input files up to EndNote 8) to the backslashed
escape sequences that are (more or less) the standard in BibTeX.

iii) Another independent filter program, EndNoteTag, written in C++, is made available
to change the tags in EndNote files or to convert RIS tags to EndNote tags.
The main use is to re-map tags of an EndNote file on the fly if these do not
match the tags within EndNote2bib.

There are three auxiliary programs delivered in lex (flex) source format:

iv) The program wileyEndNoteFilt recomposes author and editor tags of
the input stream (an EndNote file) such that mutiple, comma-separated
authors in single %E or %A lines are shuffled into multiple lines, each
containg only a single person.

v) The filter program ansel2uni transforms an input stream encoded according
to the ANSEL specification to an UTF-8 character set. In a LaTeX environment,
this is presumably a preprocessor to "recode u8..tex" to end up with a TeX encoding.

vi) The filter program risDateAdj adjusts dates of non-standard
formats in the Y1, PY and Y2 fields of RIS files. This is a preprocessor
which patches these files prior to use with ris2xml(1), for example, and 
basically unrelated to EndNote bibilographies.

Further reading:

For the inverse functionality see


The program r2bib (the C source r2bib.c and troff manual r2bib.1) came from
Rusty Wright, Center for Music Experiment, University of California San Diego,
see .
Both files are included as existing in CTAN with a time stamp of 3 Oct 1990.
(He started it!). This is left untouched except for #inclus'ion of two more C
header files (plus removal of explicit declarations of malloc, realloc) to
avoid gcc rejection of the source.
A variant is in .


Richard J. Mathar
Feb 22, 2010