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dvgtk-0.2 is a beta release of a DVI file previewer for Tektronix 4010
terminal emulators.

dvgtk is derived from the dvgt-3.51 package.  The original authors were
Andrew Trevorrow, Ian Dall, and Geoffrey Tobin.

Installation requires access to web2c-7.0 source tree.  An attempt was
made to integrate dvgtk as a subpackage of the web2c but dvgt is still
in a very rough shape and does not stand to web2c standards yet.  Actually
it should be rewritten from scratch :-).

Installation instructions are in file INSTALL and description of recent
modifications is in file NEWS.  For a list of architectures on which
dvgtk was verified to compile see file MACHINES.  For original
instructions and acknowledgments please refer to doc/README.

dvgtk was verified to work with Kermit 3.14, X11R6 xterm and CONEX 7.2.
The maintainer currently uses CONEX by Erhard Hilbig with a modem
connection and this package was tested most extensively for this
configuration.  CONEX works well even on low-end PCs and can be found
for example at:

The latest version of dvgtk can be found at

Please direct all suggestions and bug reports to Tomasz J. Cholewo
<>.  I will be very grateful for all build reports
containing the host type and possibly invalid output from the
compilation process.