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    The viking package provides fonts for the runic script used by the vikings
in Scandinavia from about 700 AD to about 1200 AD. It is based on and meant as
adn addition to Peter Wilsons collection of ancient fonts.

    The distribution consists of the following files:
README.txt (this file)

    The distribution is provided under the terms of the LaTeX
Project Public License (LPPL).

    To install the package:
o run: latex viking.ins, which will generate:
       vik*.mf files
       *.fd files
o run: latex viking.dtx              or: pdflatex viking.dtx
o run: makeindex -s viking
o run: latex viking.dtx              or: pdflatex viking.dtx
o Print viking.dvi (or viking.pdf) for a hardcopy of the package manual
o Move the generated files to locations where LaTeX will find them.
    For example: the vik*.mf files to .../texmf/fonts/source/public/viking
                 the *.fd and .sty files to /texmf/tex/latex/local/viking
    On a teTeX distribution you might also have to add the following
    line to texmf/fontname/     public    viking
    On a teTeX distribution remember to run texhash after moving the files.

    On a MikTeX distribution you will have to refresh the filename database
    from the MikTeX options program.
o run: latex try_vik                or pdflatex try_vik
    for a testpage of this Runic font

Uwe Zimmermann