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This is musixtex-fonts, packaged 2013-01-24.  It contains all of
the font-related files for MusiXTeX, including both the original
metafont sources and Type 1 versions by Takanori Uchiyama.

The main author of MusiXTeX was Daniel Taupin, who died in a climbing
accident in 2003; other authors credited in the MusiXTeX manual are
Andreas Egler and Ross Mitchell. MusiXTeX is now being maintained by

Don Simons dsimons(at)roadrunner(dot)com
Hiroaki Morimoto CQX05646(at)nifty(dot)com

musixtex-fonts-install.{pdf,tex} is a more-detailed version of the
following instructions:

To install (on TDS-compliant TeX systems):

 +  unzip tex-archive/install/fonts/ at the root 
    of a texmf tree and, if necessary, update the filename database; 
    e.g., texhash texmf.

 +  update the relevant font-map files; e.g., append


    to the relevant updmap.cfg, and execute updmap[-sys]

Documentation for musixtex-fonts is installed under 


Additional documentation, additional add-on packages, and many examples
of MusiXTeX typesetting may be found at the Werner Icking Music Archive

Support for users of MusiXTeX and related software may be obtained via
the MusiXTeX mail list at

MusiXTeX may be freely copied, duplicated and used in conformance to the
GNU General Public License (Version 2, 1991, see included file gpl.txt).

This CTAN distribution is maintained by Bob Tennent