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%% This is the file readme, part of the VFinst package
%% (version 1.00, August, 1998) for PostScript Type1 font 
%% installation.  (Author: Alan Hoenig,

If you've ever wanted to set up outline fonts for use by \TeX\ or
\LaTeX, VFinst may be of use to you.  At the end of the VFinst
process, you'll be able to typeset with your new fonts, confident that
accents, ligatures, and the like will appear in your document with the
usual \TeX\ conventions.  Here are the fonts you get at the end of the

  * For every upright font: you get the upright font, the small 
    caps font, an oblique font, and an underline font.  
  * For every italic font, you get the italic font, a small caps
    italic, an unslanted italic, and an underline font.  
  * Additional fonts: You will also get titling (display)
    fonts, both upright and italic, and a swash italic font, 
    if the appropriate raw fonts were present.  

VFinst takes care to use expert fonts to build the small caps fonts,
if these raw fonts are present.  You also get test files
for plain TeX and NFSS (LaTeX), to both test the fonts and to provide
examples of how to declare and use each of the fonts in a TeX

Some Technical Notes: At the end of the VFinst process, you get all
.vf and .tfm files for all fonts, which have been renamed for you
according to the fontname2.1 conventions.  All oblique and italic
fonts use the true italic angle for the font.  The dvips map file will have been updated for you.  All fonts will have been
placed in the proper area on your hard disk.  You may choose original
TeX (ot1) or Cork (t1) encodings for your fonts, which can be
installed according to the TDS (TeX Directory Structure) or
`traditional' standard.  All raw fonts follow the 8r TeXBase1Encoding.

All this and more is expanded upon in the documentation file

Please feel free to get in touch with me; my email is All comments, bugs, suggestions for
improvement, and criticism cheerfully accepted.

     Alan Hoenig

     August 1998