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Package Name:  reotex

Author Name:  Nuno Oliveira

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public Licence. 
See for the details of that licence.

This package provides a set of macros to create
reo channels and circuits. 

It is an extension of the PGF/Tikz package, thoroughly documented 
in the manual ``Tikz \& PGF Manual for Version~2.10''.

For a good usage of this package, LaTeX2e version is required. 
Some commands may work as well with LaTeX version, but it is 
left as your responsibility.

You need to have an installation of the following packages:
- ifthen;
- tikz (with arrows, decorations.pathmorphing, decorations.shapes, calc);
- verbatim;


2014/08/13 - version 1.1 
- arrow tips used in drain/spout were corrected. The update to tikz3.0 caused a problem concerning the size of such arrows.

2012/01/05 - version 1.0 
- first published at CTAN.