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   Move the package (.sty file) to a latex search directory if
   you want to be able to use it from any directory.  Ask you 
   system administrator if you need help.
   The distribution contains a documentation, a package file and
   and an example file.  They don't need further processing, thoug
   they can be re-derived from the .ins, .dtx, and .tex files.
   * Build the package file
      (pdf)latex zigarettenschachtelhuellenzeichnung.ins 
   * Build the documentation
      (pdf)latex zigarettenschachtelhuellenzeichnung.dtx
   * Build the example
      (pdf)latex example.tex  


The package zigarettenschachtelhuellenzeichnung requires the following
standard packages
   * ifthen - LaTeX-style booleans;
   * calc - dimension calculus;
   * pgf - portable graphics;
and LaTeX2e.

The example file uses a few additional packages
   * inputenc - to yield UTF8 input
   * aeguill - better T1 fonts
   * eurosym - euro currency symbol