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See the details in \doc\corridx.pdf

This makes corrections in a *.idx
file created by Latex as a raw index

in Latex we have these commands for making the index:

    % acronyms 2 Entries
    \newcommand{\ia}[2]{#1 (#2)\index{acr #2@#2!#1}}
    % chemical 1 Entry
    \newcommand{\ic}[1]{#1\index{chem #1@#1}}
    % general 1 Entry
    \newcommand{\ig}[1]{#1\index{gen #1@#1}}
    Example: \ia{Polyalkylene oxide}{PAO}


If you click on the program corridx.exe,

it uses in.txt as input 
out.txt as output

if you have a single command line item, the program will use this as input file name

To start the program 

with a command line parameter:

in winedt use as command line

c:\mypathto\corridx.exe "%P\%N.idx"
  %P     Input File's Path
  %N     Input File's Name

Better put in your Windet directory and use:
(to be clarified work out how it works really)

% Exe('%B\Exec\MiKTeX\corridx.exe');                                            
% Exe('%B\Exec\MiKTeX\TeX.edt');