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HebClass 0.1

This package includes a number of hebrew classes (and one style) that are meant
for both be used directly in documents, and as a basis for further

The package includes:

  iitthes: Hebrew Thesis class
  iitsmnr: A simple Hebrew seminar class 
  iitcsw: A homework form (with a number of helper macros)
  tcourse: A simple style for authring class notes and homework

The files:

iitthes.dtx     The iitthes class
hebclass.ins    Installer for the iitthes class (alone, currently)
iitsmnr.cls   The class iitsmnr
iitsmnr.tex   A smaple iitsmnr document, with Hebrew documentation on the
iitcsw.cls              The iitcsw class
iitcsw-course.sty       A sample course style
iitcsw.tex              A sample document
iitcsw-samplefig.eepic  Used in the sample document
tcourse.sty   The tcourse style
tcourse.tex   A sampe document

* A better sample for iitthes
* Better documentation
* Bugs?