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January 10, 2007

This is the "testflow" diagnostic suite which is designed to test LaTeX
"print work flow" and to provide lots of helpful information to assist
users in getting their LaTeX system configured and/or upgraded in order
to produce good PS/PDF output.

Although originally designed for IEEEtran users, testflow will be of
interest to anyone who uses LaTeX to make PostScript or PDF output.

Extensive usage documentation is contained in "testflow_doc.pdf"

The control test reference files are available in both PostScript and PDF,
each in A4 and US Letter paper sizes.

For helpful tips, answers to frequently asked questions and other support,
visit the testflow home page at my website:


Michael Shell

Version 1.1 (2007/01/10) changes:

 1. New duplex page test.

 2. New test for Palladio hinting.

 3. Updated documentation to cover the newer systems.

********************************* Files **********************************

README               - This file.

testflow_doc.pdf     - The user manual.

testflow.tex         - The LaTeX test file.  - Control file in PostScript, US Letter paper format.

testflow_ctl_LTR.pdf - Control file in PDF, US Letter paper format.   - Control file in PostScript, A4 paper format.

testflow_ctl_A4.pdf  - Control file in PDF, A4 paper format.

Legal Notice:
This code is offered as-is without any warranty either expressed or
implied; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
User assumes all risk.
In no event shall IEEE or any contributor to this code be liable for
any damages or losses, including, but not limited to, incidental,
consequential, or any other damages, resulting from the use or misuse
of any information contained here.

All comments are the opinions of their respective authors and are not
necessarily endorsed by the IEEE.

This work is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)
( ) version 1.3, and may be freely used,
distributed and modified. A copy of the LPPL, version 1.3, is included
in the base LaTeX documentation of all distributions of LaTeX released
2003/12/01 or later.
Retain all contribution notices and credits.
** Modified files should be clearly indicated as such, including  **
** renaming them and changing author support contact information. **

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