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Date: Wed,  9 Nov 88 13:33:46 CST
From: J E PITTMAN <>
Subject:  TeX Inputs cellular.tex (table-generating macros)
Keywords: macros

Several months ago, someone sent in a request for macros that allow vertical
and horizontal spans within a ruled table.  There have also been questions
about `nubs' and `gaps' within ruled tables. 

After thinking about the problem for a while, I realized that a solution was to
abandon the \halign primitive and start from scratch. 

I have finished my first attempt at a set of table generating macros, which I
have chosen to call Cellular.TeX.  These macros allow for both vertical and
horizontal spans and take steps to prevent `nubs' and `gaps' when rules are

They are, unfortunately, very slow and I have not been able to increase their
speed without sacrificing memory conservation and generality.

I am sending the macros under separate cover since there are nearly 1,000 lines
of code involved, divided into five files.  Detailed comments are available in
the file TeX Inputs cellular.doc. 

J E Pittman                      Bitnet:    JEPTeX@TAMVenus
User Services Group              Internet:  JEPTeX@Venus.TAMU.Edu
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