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The dvi2xx family consists of the following programs:
       Dvilj2 converts TeX-output  .dvi  files  into  HP  PCL  (i.e.  HP
       Printer  Control Language) commands suitable for printing on a HP
       LaserJet+, HP LaserJet II and fully compatible printers.
       Dvilj2p converts TeX-output .dvi files into HP PCL commands suit-
       able  for  printing  on  a HP LaserJet IIp, HP LaserJet III or HP
       Laserjet 2000 and fully compatible printers. This version uses  a
       newer PCL command set and provides landscape printing.
       Dviljp and dvilj are similar to dvilj2p and dvilj2  but they sup-
       port  only 128  character  fonts.  They  may be used for Laserjet
       clones which do not support 256 character fonts.
       Dvi3812 converts TeX-output .dvi files into PMP files, the native
       command language of the IBM 3812 page printer.
binary versions are available for:
       - aix 3.1 rs6000
       - hpux 7.0 risc
       - msdos
       - os/2
       - ultrix 4.2 risc
       - SunOS 4.1 

Compilation of the program:
	under Unix: Makefile
	in MS-DOS: cut out relevant part of dvi2xx.make 
        under VMS: see README.vms

		most important:
			fontpath leading to font directories; can be
			overuled at runtiime by setting the
			environment variable TEXPXL or the command
			line option -a
			default: "/usr/local/lib/tex/pk300"
			(VMS default: "tex$pkdir:")

			Name of the program which is called to generate a pk
			file in a missing magnification
			default: "MakeTeXPK"
execution under MS-DOS:
		Name of the directory where the neewly generated fonts
		should be placed finally 
		default:  /usr/local/lib/tex/pk/pk300

		Name of the MetaFont program
		default: cmmf

		search path for metafont input files for MetaFont
		default: `pwd`:/usr/local/lib/mf/inputs


		directory for where the MetaFont compilation takes
		place, and where intermediate files are put in, and
		which is removed after the MakeTeXPK run.
		default:  /usr/tmp/mtpk.$$

        be sure that you install MakeTeXPK in a way that it is allowed
        to write to DESTDIR.
	location of perl (headerline)             /usr/local/bin/perl
	location of the tmp file (variable $tmpfile)
	name of dvi-filter and its options (variable $dvifilter)