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This is a set of font metric files and virtual fonts for using the dc fonts
with oldstyle numerals. This font family is called dco fonts.

It can only be used together with the standard dc fonts v1.3. (dc fonts by
J"org Knappen <>, CTAN:/fonts/dc)

It consists of:
 - .tfm files for use by TeX in new Cork encoding
 - .vf (virtual font) files for dvi drivers
 - .fd (font definition) files for use with LaTeX2e
 - a Bourne Shell script which produces the whole font family. It
   may be necessary to re-install the fonts when a new version of the dc fonts
   comes out. (But only if J"org Knappen decides not to change the naming of
   the font files. Otherwise, you will have to adjust yourself or
   wait for a new version.)
 - A simple file dco.sty which loads the T1 encoding and sets the family
   defaults for dco fonts.

The Bourne shell script requires a fairly full-featured Unix system, in
particular the following programs:
 - tftopl, vptovf
 - ed, sed
 - TeX, fontinst >= 1.335
 - a shell which supports here-documents (ie. bash)

The .tfm files of the dco fonts were produced using the original .tfm files of
the dc fonts from CTAN.

dco.sty is sufficient to use the dco fonts, but if you intend to use other
font families as well, eg. PostScript fonts, I recommend that you try the
altfont package, from CTAN:/macros/latex/contrib/supported/altfont.

Because some of the filenames have more than 8 characters, I am afraid that
the package is unusable with MS-DOS.

Sebastian Marius Kirsch <>