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The LaTeX package `ps4pdf' provides a new way to use Postscript
commands (e.g. PSTricks graphics, PSfrag replacements, EPS graphics)
inside a pdfLaTeX processed document. You need recent versions of
the LaTeX packages `preview', `ifpdf', `ifvtex' and a new LaTeX base

All Postscript related commands including `\usepackage' must be
parameter of the `PSforPDF' macro. For details see the test file

4-10-8.inl              PSTricks graphic (lgc)
Makefile                Makefile for `ps4pdf-test.pdf'
README                  this file
create-eps              creates EPS files from `ps4pdf-test-pics.pdf'
penguin.eps             a graphics file  
ps4pdf-test.tex         the eample document
ps4pdf.sty              the LaTeX package file
ps4pdf                  a shell script for creating .pdf from .tex

                          Rolf Niepraschk