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Application	: MakeGlossariesGUI
Author		: Nicola L. C. Talbot
License		: GPL (See doc/LICENSE)
		  Button icons are from the Java Look & Feel
		  Graphics Repository. (See doc/jlfgr-license.txt)
Requirements	: Java Runtime Environment


MakeGlossariesGUI is a Java GUI alternative to the makeglossaries
Perl script supplied by the glossaries package
( It's mainly intended for people who don't
want to use the command prompt but can't get their editor to run
makeglossaries. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool when there
are problems with the document glossaries.

Note that if you are opting to use MakeGlossariesGUI because you
don't want to install Perl, then you are limiting yourself to
makeindex as xindy also requires Perl.


Manual Installation

  1. Unpack to the directory of your choice.
     For example:

     unzip -d /usr/local

  2. Add the full path to makeglossariesgui/bin to the PATH
     enviroment variable.

Windows Installation

  Run makeglossariesgui-setup.exe