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<h2>TeX Live ISO Images</h2>

<p>This directory contains the ISO image for the official TeX Live
release; md5 and sha256 checksums are provided.  The generic name
(texliveYYYY.iso) is simply a symlink to the dated release .iso.

<p>The <a href="">TeX Live web pages</a> have
information on <a href="">other ways
to acquire the distribution</a>, <a
href="">quick installation</a>,
<a href="">documentation</a>, <a
href="">known issues and how to report
bugs</a>, and more.

<p>Instead of dealing with this giant image, for typical use we
recommend the <a href="">small
installer package(s)</a> available from <a

<p>If you have problems with installation or running TeX after
installation, please check your environment variables: settings,
including your PATH, that end up referencing previously-installed TeX
systems (TeX Live or otherwise), can cause trouble, especially on Windows.

<p>This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.